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We work with you to help you and your business become naturally more resilient to change through blending techniques from strategy development, change management, performance improvement and coaching. 



In order to provide the best possible outcome for your business, it is vital that we are able to have good business partners. We are not experts at everything, but we know the experts who can help when needed. Click here to find out more...



At Sturdy Consulting, we take great pride in our relationships. And since we started we’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented people and inspirational brands throughout the region, some of whom have taken the time to write a few words.



Sturdy Consulting provides expert business consultancy services which drive business growth and increased effectiveness. We work with small, medium and large businesses, providing high-quality cost-effective services. These help our clients to think differently, identify and tackle barriers and to focus on the right things to achieve growth.

Our targeted approach means that our services are tailored entirely to fit you and the business and changes are brought in gradually in a way that the entire company is able to get on board with. We measure everything we do, ensuring that any new strategy implemented is effective in taking the business forward.

If you are looking for help from a dynamic, highly-experienced business consultants with knowledge of a wide range of business models and frameworks and the ability to interpret what’s best for your business then give us a call now.


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